Grass distribution at Kachia grazing reserve by Elrufai

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

The Kaduna State government on Tuesday officially launched the distribution of Tinapiar grass in Laduga grazing reserve in Kachia local government area of Kaduna State.

The Honorable Commissioner for agriculture Dr. Daniel Manzo who officially flagged of the distribution of the Napier seedling grass said, “the Napier grass is the most promising and high yielding grass fodder which is also nutritious. It has shown as demonstrated, its increase milk production from 1litre to 3.5litres that is even using the old system.

He further explained that they want a system where all lapteting Cows will not go out to graze but that the animals will be kept in one place to conserve their energy and channel it to milk production. He said if cows are kept in one place, it will end up producing upto 5 to 6litres of milk per day.”

According to him, the essence of the Flagging-off of the Napier seedling was to empower key stakeholders and players in the rural economy, because the rural economy constitute 80 percent of GDP of Kaduna State.

Dr. Manzo maintain that agriculture is the key driver of the Kaduna State economy and the sector is characterized by smallholders.
He, however, describe the people of Laduga as the key engine room of the Kaduna State economy who cannot be ignored.

He further maintained that the State government is committed toward empowering them.

He disclosed that the State is kick starting a fuel livestock development centres to turn them into models. “Once we exposed them to animal husbandry we’ll encourage investors to come and work with them.”

Dr. Ishaq Bello, Chairman Kaduna State implementation Committee on grazing reserved explained that the objective of the program was to see how market works for the poor and bringing a systematic change that will be sustainable.

” We started with the overall view of how to improve feed. We heard about the Napier grass which improve livestocks in Kenya, we went and brought it and today we are officially launching it in Nigeria here in Laduga where it will be extended to other States.

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