Fulani Herdmen murderous Audacity

By Dr Imuere Ejiro

Since General Muhammadu Buhari became President, the audacity of the attacks of the Fulani Herdsmen have quadrupled. In the middle belt, they caused havoc in Plateau, Taraba, Benue, and Nasarawa States. They have also caused havoc in Enugu and Delta state, where they killed a Monarch in Ibusa.

Now in all these attacks, our security personnel will NEVER SHOW UP, until they finish their havoc. This to me, is the number one security threat to the nation. Yet, our secret service personnel (DSS) have never bothered to identify the leaders of these groups, killing, maiming, raping and committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against the citizens of our dear country.

However, our DSS was quick enough to arrest Nnamdi Kalu, when he and his group are yet to kill a single soul. So instead of our DSS to track these persons, they left their primary role to be doing the jobs of ICPC and EFCC.

A few weeks back, these Fulani Herdsmen attacked the Christians in Southern Kaduna Community for weeks, continuously. No Army, no Police, no DSS to Protect them. A fan of mine Aaron Ogali Musa cried on my Facebook Page continuously on how his people, were being killed daily without any form of protection from the security agencies. His own blood brother was murdered, he showed us Pictures of their communities being burnt, yet our media, underreported this mayhem.

El Rufai, the Governor of Kaduna State, responded that they have identified the leaders of these attackers and pacified them by giving them money to stop the attacks.

Now who is supposed to be pacified? The attackers or those being attacked? We warned that giving them such money is providing them with more money to buy arms and we were correct based on the continuous attacks with vigour.

Their leaders are well known to El Rufai, the Kaduna State Governor, yet our security were not sent after them, our Army is chasing Niger Delta Militants who killed nobody, the Army descended on the Shiites heavily for a mere traffic offence.

So, the Southern Kaduna People tired of being killed, declared war and vengeance on the Herdsmen, since our soldiers could not protect them. As soon as they made this declaration, a dawn to dusk curfew was imposed on Southern Kaduna, with a heavy presence of military men, who could not come for over a month. Then 3 days later, our soldiers are being sent to Argentina for Cattle Rearing.

The Commander in Chief of the Army is a Fulani Herdsman and you think we are wrong to suspect foul play? No, the foul play is too obvious.

Dr Imuere Ejiro is an Eye Care Practitioner, based in Warri. He is a Human and Environmental Rights Activists with numerous followers on Facebook

Source: 9jareporters.com

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