Faces of IDPs from the Godogodo massacre in Jema’a LGA of Kaduna State

By Gideon Agwom Mutum

Dear brothers and sisters from Southern Kaduna and the world at large, for some reasons I decided to keep quite because I believe in serving people you don’t have to blow your horns. But for the point to be clear and to set the line straight I want to talk.

For anyone to think our situation in Southern Kaduna is a matter to politicize is the highest form of insanity in the 21st century.

The faces of the people you see in here is fragmented percentage of the IDPs in Takau Model Primary School Kafanchan. I noticed their presence while standing at the hospital junction in Kafanchan on 27 October 2016 when about five women alighted from a vehicle almost naked, I took them to Takau, promise to see them the next day for their breakfast as at the time I arrived over 40 persons were already waiting for me.

As I engage them I realized majority are in Kafanchan without FOOD, SHELTER, MEDICATION, COUNSELING etc. Since Friday 28 October 2016 we did not fail in providing FOOD, COUNSELING, MEDICATION and to very few SHELTER till date.

My greatest dismay and disappointment is for the Local Government to think what we are doing is political, looking for cheap popularity, playing someone else’s script or trying to discredit the effort of the government.

In my own way, my wife and the the entire membership of my Church, The Governors’ Assembly we have attempted several time to promote patriotism, sanitation, social orientation, civic participation, conflict management in Kafanchan and it’s environs more than many in Southern Kaduna.

Our brothers are killed, rendered homeless. The survival of our people depends on our collective effort regardless of your political affiliation.

Let me say it categorically that Southern Kaduna is a Christian region. I am not depending on the government for the solution of our predicament but the Church.

We have 243 adult 802 children they have been cater for by the Church for almost 2weeks now. So the Church can do it. I call on Christians all over to take up the challenge join us to remove this reproach from our brothers and sisters. So far we have received support from Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Catholic diocese of Kafanchan, Igbo community in Takau, Catholic women fellowship of Takau, community women of Takau, Spirit-filled individuals.
No one should talk about Southern Kaduna if we are not ready to
Provide for our people
Stay with our people
Fight with our people
Defend our people.
God bless southern Kaduna in Jesus name.

By Gideon Agwom Mutum

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