Exposed plans of El-Rufai’s for 2019

Just like former Governor Ramallan Yero did prior to the 2015 gubernatorial elections when he hired a consultant to tell him how to win the gubernatorial elections, Governor, El-Rufai is also toying the same path.

He, El-Rufai actually wanted to contest for the Presidency after his first term in kaduna. His plan was to support the present Commissioner  for Budget and Planning as Governor and somebody ( He hasn’t really made up his mind on this because of his belief that he or the person he backs can win election in kaduna without the votes of southern Kaduna people )from SK as deputy in 2019. That’s Partly the reason why he was treating SK and by extension people in kaduna the way he is currently doing. His intention was to do his term and then move to Abuja in 2019. He was counting on the support of President  Buhari and the cult-like followership Buhari enjoys in the north and other states. He was also counting on the states the APC controls to produce votes for him when he emerges the APC presidential candidate.

Then the issue of Southern Kaduna, the Shiites, the demolitions, crisis within the APC camp in kaduna, and other issues backfired on him because of the way he handled it. He actually never thought people will react they way they did.

Remember that in FCT he  was brash and  arrogant and despite peoples discomfort, nothing really serious was done to him.

Then he became a Governor in kaduna and immediately started on the same arrogant path, but never thought he would see the kind of reaction that follows. A new crop of SK youth courageously stood up to him. Women held rallies to express disgust with him while others utilised his favourite platform – social media to express their discomfort with his policies. Others like comrade Shehu Sani  publicly stood up to him to tell him to change.  But the more people reacted the more he became hardened, arrogant and punitive. And the damage to his ambition kept growing.

He thought he never would be in need of some people in Kaduna.  In the process he kept piling political, social and economic enemies in kaduna and outside.

Now reality has dawned on him. He has been told that the presidency might not be withing his reach because of so many factors. His bet bet, he was told, was to go for a second term in kaduna and  right now he has started contemplating a second term in Kaduna but his biggest headache would come, not just from SK but also people from the northern part, he was told.

For SK he was told by his political consultants that the people love money and easily forgive people.

So he has come up with two strategy to warm his way into SK’s goodwill. One is to employ a lot of our youths into SA, SSA, coordinators and so many other useless  posts, and also group youths and then give them contract so they could share the proceed  amongst them.

The second is to come to Kafanchan and spend like 3 months or 2. He will sleep there and work from there. His commissioners would also be in Kafanchan,  Probably not all. Of course most would have to keep going back to Kaduna intermittently. In Kafanchan, they would stay in Shetima’s hotel as a way of mending fences with him. From Kafanchan El-Rufai will visit every chiefdom and important people, walk the streets, markets and generally stuff himself into our peoples. He would also receive people from outside on courtesy calls.  This strategy is to disabuse the minds of people who alleges that he hates SK.  And of course he is coming with money. Lots of it to share.

While in Kafanchan, there would be lots of rallies by some youths asking him to re-contest in 2019.

The plan also include opening the schools in SK so as to make him look good in the eyes of people.

While these are going on, the Deputy Governor would stay put in Kaduna to tend to other minor state matters.

For the northern part, he is also working on some strategy aimed at reducing the dislike some  have for him. He might also stay in ZARIA for just a week or two.

Also, within the next few weeks, people in kaduna would start seeing lots new ‘projects’ being  initiated.  The plan is to start the projects and then create hope for people that they would be completed in 2019.

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