By John Danfulani, Ph.D
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Every despot must have one disloyal subject to keep sane” BERNARD SHAW

On 21st July 2016 Governor Nasir Ahmed El-rufa’i of Kaduna State rolled his motorcade to a Southern Kaduna people’s dominated settlement called GBAGYI VILLA to tell the residents of the community his resolution to turn all structures there to debris. While stating his commitment, he said; no amount of pressure and appeal will make him renege on his mission.

After his fascistic and autocratic display of might, some of his will be victims summoned courage and drew his attention to the fact that, the land in question is a subject of litigations in various courts in the State. And closed their candid observations with the point that, is it not commonsensical to allow the courts to rule before embarking on an action that has apocalyptic consequences? Because of his malnutrition in democratic ethos and civility, he sarcastically said; you can’t steal something and rush to court for protection. His statement is simply saying, he isn’t a respecter of provisos of the constitution and natural justice that piqued; parties in a dispute must stay action when their case is before a court for adjudication.

Mr. El-rufa’i’s decision and action is akin to a contempt of court and a direct assault to the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His pronouncement is also a catalyst for anarchy and lawlessness because once leaders go lawless followers will resort to self help. Still,his action signaled the arrival of dictatorship and autocracy because the setting has shifted from the basic tenets of rule of law – a principle that said all men are equal before the law. Mr. El-rufa’i’s action has collapsed the trust between leaders and the led in the state. It wouldn’t be extreme if one asserts that his action is tantamount to a coup against the constitution.

Where is it stipulated in Nigeria’s 1999 constitution that a State Governor has the right to act on a property belonging to federal government? Cases in courts are between residents and management of Kaduna Polytechnic- a federal government school located in Kaduna. Apart from the land been in Kaduna, where is the link between the Busy-body Governor and the land? Is Mr. El-rufa’i the Minister of Education or Director of National Board for Technical Education? This is indeed a classic paragon of busy body. There is no reason whatsoever for him to delve into what doesn’t concern him. He isn’t even a party to any of the suits institutes in the courts.

Here is a man who promised much to the people of Kaduna State and is yet to take a first step towards redeeming his pledges. Instead of focusing on how to deliver on his promises or untangle himself out of quagmires his actions and inactions crested, he is busy creating novel troubles for himself. When shall his hands get full of troubles? It’s on record that he advertised and awarded contracts for construction and renovation of clinics in all the electoral wards in the state. Nothing has been done for lack of take off grant. It’s on record that all other contracts that aren’t services providing in nature have not started. One can state without any fear of contradiction that he is yet to flag off one single peoples oriented project in the state. The only project stating on his record is: CONTROVERSY.

In spite of these glaring failures and monumental letdown, he wants to add salt to injury by pulling down structures people toiled and used their life savings and put in place. Over 95% of GBAGYI VILLA’S residents are retirees that rendered various services to the nation in their prime. Among them are people that fought the 30 months old civil war that saved Nigeria from balkanization. How can a man who haven’t raise a single structure since assumption of office on 29th May 2015 take delight in pulling down structures? Is there any better situation for one to deploy the word saddism? While inventing the word saddist his irks must have been existing in that era.

Since he has turned Kaduna State to a Hobbsian State of Nature, residence of Gbagyi Villa and surrounding settlements like Romi, Television, Sabon Tasha, Buwaya, Trikaniya, Highcost, Nafdac, Ungwan Boro, Sabo GRA, Mahuta, Ungwan Sunday, down to Mararaban Rido better come out and resist this move.They must resist any attempt by whosoever to pull down a single block off another. If he succeeds in Gbagyi Villa, he will roll down his bulldozers to other areas like Nepa Field Romi, Federal Housing Abuja Road, Nafdac in Narayi, etc.

This is no time for timidity and fearing of a diminutive dictator.All lovers of democracy, liberty, and freedom must square off with this bullyism and brazen dictatorship.

On 11th April 2015 people voted for freedom and nothing more. Saddistic pulling down of structures-for the joy of seeing accompanying sorrows, tears and blood wasn’t part of the social contract the good people of Kaduna State entered with Mr.El-rufa’i.

Enough of this madness in Kaduna State.

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