El-Rufai donates N100 million to rebuild burnt churches, mosques

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

Kaduna State government on Saturday donated 100 million naira to support the process of rebuilding damaged churches and mosques destroyed during ethno-religious crisis in the Southern Kaduna as part of efforts to restore lasting peace in the area.

Disclosing the donation while unveiling public apology billboards by five communities from Jema’a, Kachia,  Kaura,Sanga and Zangon Kataf for the return of permanent peace, governor Nasir El-Rufai, said, his government has drafted a bill to set up the Kaduna State Peace Commission in fulfillment of the promises he made in 2015. The governor added that, the Commission will enable inclusion of all citizens on plans for peaceful co-existence of the peoples that live in the state.

El-Rufai, in his speech entitled ‘apology, forgiveness,key to peace’ said: “In recognition of the vital importance of showing concrete manifestations of peace, the government has decided to support civic efforts to rebuild damaged churches and mosques with a seed fund of N100mn. “The challenge of achieving peace and justice is a complex process that requires imagination, wide consultations, technical support, research and time. I have promised you change.

I will not be derailed from the legacy of peace that Southern Kaduna deserves from my generation” The governor stressed: “This state belongs to everyone that has chosen to make it home. Let us respect each other, abide by the law, do our duty to uphold harmony and firmly reject division and violence! Today we are here to launch a Public Apology Billboard, as we grief over the lives sadly taken in the recent violence in the Godogodo chiefdom. Why, our children ask, are we able to discuss peace for decades but not find it on the ground? “Now, 29 ethnic communities of Southern Kaduna present a Public Apology billboard to us. These people represented their communities at
the dialogues that resulted in the Kafanchan Peace Declaration. They were sent to represent their communities by their leaders. Wide consultation within their communities was carried out in selecting them. Their input and contribution to peace in Southern Kaduna has been crucial.


Allow me to opine that leaders are not born and neither are they made” “They are summoned by circumstances and whoever steps forth and provides a solution becomes a leader. These men and women who have given us the public apology billboard saw one of our problems as the lack of peace. They have stepped forward and began providing solutions. They have decided to own their peace as communities. These people are leaders” “These group of resilient leaders drawn from different religions and ideologies have now been joined by many more, ordinary citizens, who are now going around Southern Kaduna, seeking the buy in of traditional elders, community and religious leaders, women, youth and the civil society to never again indulge in violence.

They want to set up billboards across the five LGA’s of Sanga, Kachia, Kaura, Jema’a and Zangon Kataf, at roundabouts, Schools and places of worship. Their message is that no ethnic group, ideology, religion or political party holds all the answers” El-Rufai said


Source: Elanza News

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