DSS Sectionalism and CMTN Myopia, By George Makeri

The aggressor is forming victim and a mischievous group filled with unscrupulous elements calling itself CMTN is threatening ICC against the Igbos in Abia State for killing 6 Fulanis (a fabrication by Fulani Daura-led SSS to spark off unrest in the country).

A vocal Hausa man from Kano who swore that Mr. President cannot get him to farm said, “bamu zabe ka, don ka yi gyara irin na annabawa ba”. “Meaning: We did not elected you to get things done the way Prophets do.” He continued, “tun da Allah ya yanke hukuncin sata, ya san za a yi.” “Since God created punishment for stealing, know that people will still steal.” He didn’t stop there, he also spoke about consequences of Mr. President’s Vendetta-driven policies saying, “Ko baka nan, ko baka a can, ko ka hada mu fada da mutene”. “Even if you are not here or there you created crises between us and others.” How right is this guy today with this DSS announcement? ‘Ga shi nan ko zai hada mu fada yanzu fa yan Kano’. “He is here if he wants to create crises between us, Kano people.”

I am now not surprised why the military officers under IBB flushed him out in the ’85 coup. They couldn’t bear to allow him destroy the country. IBB’s and Abacha’s speeches then spoke volumes and I am about to explained why.
He said Buhari’s policies does not reflect that he understands and appreciates the cultural and religious diversity in the country. The IBB statement is clearer today than it used to be then. People confuse Buhari’s height, fitness and complexion for knowledge, impartiality and intelligence.
I mean how do you explain his silence over the continuous killings and rape of hundreds of thousands of Nigerians by his fulani kinsmen when he is the president of Nigeria and has, as part of his primary responsibility, the protection of the lives and properties of every Nigerian, only for his DSS to come and read irresponsibility to us about a discovery of 6 Fulani corpses in Abia, knowing fully the implication of such announcement.
A DSS that is yet to get the Fulani Herdsmen that killed hundreds of people and rendered thousands homeless in Agatu, a DSS that cannot find the kidnappers of three pastors nor even that of a senior ranking army officer brutally murdered in Kaduna state. A DSS that is desacreting the Ekiti State House of Assembly by arresting its members for refusing to ‘impeach’ Fayose. Did the president even care that one of his senior ranking officers has fallen. ‘Ai ka ga matsalar kenan’.

The ’85 coupists described him for what he was and still is – using state tools for personal vendetta. Another Slobadan Milosevic on the rise in Nigeria. Yes, another Polpot wanting to turn Nigeria into a hot bath for blood in this 21st century.

What was the DSS doing in Ekiti when we have the same Fulanis killing, kidnapping and raping people on a daily basis. Duk munafuncin PDP, apart from the insurgents, we have never been in a general state of internal terrorism inflicted against other ethnic nationalities across the 36 states of the federation by the president’s kinsmen, like we are in now. Every where you turn, it is one atrocity or the other, constantly committed by the president’s kinsmen and the DSS have the effrontery to sell such irresponsible story to Nigerians about some six fulani corpses discovered in Abia. We didn’t entrust our security and well-being to Mr. President in order for him to surrender it to his bloodthirsty kinsmen and celebrating their atrocities with phrases like “Fulani ikon Allah.” The PDP warned against this and we didn’t listen because we were fed up with them.

Since the DSS is now into investigative journalism, they should begin to tell us about every single killing by the fulanis. And this mushroom group (CMTN) suddenly found its voice when Fulanis are involved eh. They were nowhere to be found when Agatus were involved right? ‘Ai duk shirmen nan ba zai kai mu ko ina ba’. Mr. President sir, you can not hide your seemingly ineptitude through instigation of crisis.

You cannot exploit primordial sentiments to instigate nationwide violence in a bid to cover for your seemingly bad leadership. ‘Duk mun gano ka’. Yes sir, we have seen the ‘mene mene’ and it can’t work.

George Makeri writes from Kaduna.

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