Didam Musa Goni

At about 8pm this evening, my Chawai friend called me from his village and told me that the chawai communities are under a siege, and his village is under a deadly attack, by some Fulani people. I could hear his voice trembling and from all indications, all was not well. Houses were completely razed from the roof top down to the bottom, people were lynched, killed and properties destroyed.

Now, when would this barbarism end? When will the violence against southern Kaduna people come to an end? From Godogodo to chawai community, where is the next target? Only God knows.

Few weeks ago, Some southern Kaduna traditional rulers signed a peace deal with the Miyatti Allah cattle breeders. The peace deal was aim at putting an end to the killings in southern Kaduna, but now here we are today, the ongoing killing in chawai communities is now an evidence that the peace deal signed by both southern Kaduna traditional rulers and the Fulanis is nothing but a deceptive brainchild of political gimmick.

I was very critical of the peace deal because I knew nothing good would come out of it. Some people thought I was stupid for being critical of the peace deal signed by the two parties. I have said it in the past and I will still say it today, southern kaduna traditional rulers are goofing up. I can only justify the signing of a peace deal under one condition, there can only be a peace deal only when there is two warring factions. What is happening in southern kaduna is a pure physical violence against southern kaduna people.

The peace deal that was signed by Miyatti Allah and southern kaduna traditional rulers was done out of nothing but wretched ignorance from the side of the traditional rulers. It is either southern kaduna traditional rulers were forced by some powers that be or they signed the deal out of ignorance.

The truth is that few people would prefer war, to peace. I love peace even though war is inevitable. Peace truce may not be s solution to the killings and destruction in southern kaduna. Several conflict resolution mechanisms have been used but nothing is working. Negotiations and mediation failed to work.

For me the only way out is for the state house of assembly to pass a legislation that will allow all communities in Southern kaduna region and other areas experiencing similar problems to protect and defend themselves by forming a militia group that will combat any perceived threat against their communities. This may sound weird, but that would really curtail the activities of the perpetrators.

By   Didam Musa Goni

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