Dep. Gov. Bala Bantex LGA (Kaura LGA) hit by Fulani Gunmen again

img_2617Barely 24 hours after 15 people were killed in Ungwan Rana community of Chikun LGA, five people have been killed in Kaura LGA, a Local government of Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Barnabas Bala Bantex.
Bantex had during a live interview programme with Channels Television said the killings in Southern Kaduna is being carried out by Fulani herdsmen avenging their loses in the aftermath of the 2011 presidential election crises.
He also said the money Governor Nasir el-Rufai was said to have paid to the killer herdsmen was not meant to persuade them to stop the killings.
There was wide outrage and condemnation in the media over Bantex’s comments on Channel TV concerning the ongoing genocide in Southern Kaduna.
After the killing of 15 people in Chikun community that came few days after Bantex’s live TV interview, five people have also been reportedly killed in his home LGA, Kaura.
Pictures released by resident during the mass burial of the locals killed at Attakar Chiefdom: Tachira and Makabun communities of Kaura LGA are pathetic.
“Five people have now been confirmed death in Tachira and Makabun communities of Takad Chiefdom in Karua LGA. They are of the same family members of Tagwai Jonathan, the Guard of the Chief of Takad,” a resident of the area told Elanza News.
The people killed are: Asabe Jonathan (Mid 40s) Veronica Julius (late 20s), Gabriel Jonathan (10-13),  Naomi Jonathan (10 – 13) and Kefas Emmanuel (23 years).
The total number of people killed haave now risen to five.
Residents say the victims were buried at Tachira and Makabun respectively.


Source: Elanza News


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