I find it a rare privilege to call thee brothers and sisters in the struggle. Who am I to stand before the great assemble of such distinct fellows with ocean size experiences? I sincerely appreciate your humility that allow me a place with you, and the love of God that binds us together. May Southern Kaduna live in Jesus name. Amen.

Following the recent trend with regards to our struggle for a free, peaceful and progressive southern Kaduna community. We have had to engaged some of our very own on the other side. I must acknowledge and appreciate our gallantry for fearlessly facing the foe of our existence in a way and manner we are doing. I can only pray that God keep us stronger and better bound in love and unity for the sake of the Land. May Southern Kaduna live in Jesus name. Amen.

However, I find the need to call us into a more deep thought, an appeal to wisdom. It is true that we who are here have achieved a great deal for the land in the recent past. God have been faithful and we have the sympathy of such mighty men and groups that believe in the true pure intentions of why we set out for this fight. We cannot afford to destroy such blessings and opportunity now.
May Southern Kaduna live in Jesus name. Amen.

It is common knowledge that we are yes; fighting against the foes of our existence, but wisdom has it that a careful study of the foe at battle is the lead way to defeating him. Rufai have employed yet another plan of using our very own commonly known among us as his media rats. The sad thing is that we are yet to see the risk in the models we put to use against this fellows, (our brothers, the tools of El’rufai). May God never let them succeed and may Southern Kaduna live in Jesus name.

The big deal is that, we have the world believe in us as an army for a people who are being killed for no reason worthwhile, with no one (government) doing anything to help. And that is the truth.
We have the world believe in the fact that as many of us that have been arrested or threatened with arrest, those of us who have been prosecuted and maltreated, those of us who have survived series of life threatening attacks; all is for the fact that we have dared to stand and fight against those who have taken an oath that they must wipe us all from the face of the earth. And that too is the truth.
We have given very many people of goodwill and agencies reasons to trust in our spoken and written words as objective and reliable with regards to the Southern Kaduna security challenges. And that is true. This is what I say we cannot afford to destroy.

Now El’rufai is paying for the services of our brothers to fight us while he takes a break. I know as much as you do, that, a commander’s retreat in the middle of a battle cannot be taken for cowardice by anyone in his right senses. Hence, the need to go steps ahead as we await him to put a show soon.
While he rests, he ensured that he kept us busy and distracted before his return by setting our brothers and equipping them with all he thinks they need to engage us in a fight that will yield him the result it is yielding. Me he meet his shame in our wisdom and may Southern Kaduna live in Jesus name. Amen.

Mine is a call to order, and an appeal to reason that we should see the fact that engaging the likes that we have termed Rufai’s media rats is worst a danger than fighting Rufai himself.

My reasons are these. The world see us fighting ourselves than fighting Rufai or negative forces against the lives of SKnites. What that means is that, for every fight we put against those fellows, we succeed in adding a step towards a prove that there is more to it in the fight than fighting for insecurity, marginalization and what have you. Still better, it is making it look a fight of clash of interest of some sort. Of which we know our collective and individual interest is pure. To save the land.

We must guard against anything that may end up proving to the fragile minds what Rufai have been saying about us using the security challenge for political gains. Me and you know that it is a lie, but the fact that we have people believe in us does not mean they can not be misled into the wrong path that will deal us a dirty blow.

We must be wise in engaging these guys. They are paid to achieve an aim, which to me, the aim is to prove that ‘oh after all it was politics in play’. We must not risk it. Our enemy is ready to take any opportunity to win the fight, we must not grant that opportunity. I call on a focus on the real deal than the distractions. Our fight is against the lion and the lion’s clan not the rats.

Fighting our brothers is proving the deceitful claim that the fight is of political interest than it is proving them as sale out and betrayals. We must bring the fight to the table of wisdom and set ourselves right with our brothers no matter the power of the spirit that possess them. I believe truth always has a way out. Let truth which we stand for lead us into settling this matter of the fight with our brothers on the other side in such a way that it will not be disastrous to the land or the truth about the fight.

If my letter to you will not do us good, kindly disregard it so that it does us no harm please. But if you find it useful, please think deep in what it says and build up defence for the sake of truth and that Southern Kaduna may live in Jesus name.

God bless Southern Kaduna,
God bless Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU),
God bless the comrades in the struggle,
May Southern Kaduna live in Jesus name.

Faithfully yours in the struggle.
JF. Dabo.

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