1.That the Hausas have been in sk for 400 years!

2. That the root cause of the genocide in sk is because of age long crises where muslims suffered more casualties than christians

3. That Marwa is a Fulani word 

4. That muslims have been dispersed and displaced in most SK villages 

5. That there are 40% muslims in Sk 

6. That as long as the root causes are not addressed, the killings will continue

7. That sokapu members have been partaking in the killings of muslims in sk since independence. 

8. He also claimed his father came to matsirga in 1946.


1. The Hausa have no known documented history apart from the Tales by moonlight fairy tale of Bayajidda and the snake in daura. It is therefore impossible to begin to have any history in SK. But assuming this is true, in 400 years, Hausa people would have been over a million in SK considering their birth rate! 

2. The SK people are known for their hospitality and peaceful co existence. Little wonder our daughters are marrying all kinds of tribes including the Hausa. All the sectarian crises under review by sanusi were started by the hausa. The 1981 kasuwan magani riots was because of market location, the 1987 riots from COE was started by a muslim lady who grabbed the microphone during a christian crusade in kafanchan. The 1992 riots in zangon kataf was as a result of refusal to move a marketby the Hausas in zangon kataf. To the best of my knowledge, all the other riots were spill overs from other parts of the state including the celebrated 2011 post presidential elections

3. His claim to butress Fulani history in sk that Marwa is a fulani word and drew conclusions to marwa in adamawa and the one in cameroon is laughable. The one in SK is Moro’a and its not the name of a town but a tribe as he wants us to believe. Except the fulanis are now moro’a tribesmen too.

4. His claim that muslims have been displaced in some towns and villages in sK might be true. But this was the crisis of 2011. Displacement after a crisis is a patrern like it has happened in kaduna places like tudun wada, kawo, ung sarki, rigasa, ung dosa etc where high christian casualties forced relocation and displacement. This therefore is boisterous!  

5. This bogus claim needs no reaponse!

6. Im glad he said it himself. Now we await Governor El Rufai’s reaction to this statement because it is very inciting and culpable!

7. This is silly. How does he know who ia a sokapu member and who is not?  Sokapu stands for all the peoples of sk including sanusi maikudi. 

8. We wish him long life in sk..

Conclusion: these are the kinds of people the governor listens to. Those who change the narrative to appear like the victims..It is clear that sanusi and his cohorts have mischievously refused to declare the difference between a clash and jungle warfare in peace times tantamount to a genocide. If all the crises in kaduna should be reprised , i wonder what would be left of the state. 

May God restore us peace! 

Vincent Bodam.

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