1. Ninte Village

img-20161213-wa0008Ninte has two ECWA churches and a Baptist Church. On  31 May 2016, and as confirmed by the  aforementioned  groups, Fulani burnt down the entire  village. The two ECWA churches , a pastoruim  and two auditoriums were razed. Also,  three vehicles, and foodstuffs in barns were set ablaze. The attackers were not done ; the nearby villages of Unguwan Kafinta, Dangwa were attacked and the residents chased out. The Fulani then herded their cattle to graze on their crops.

Five persons were killed. 298 properties were destroyed

 2. Unguwar Anjo

This village has an estimated population of 3,500, and also falls under Godogodo Chiefdom. Between 1 and 2 August, 2016,  Fulani carried out an unrestrained attack, leading to the death of Mr Danjuma Tanko and Pastor Luka Adamu of the Redeemed Church. The entire village was burnt. The ECWA and Redeemed churches were burnt. Destroyed inside the church buildings were 450 chairs worth N67,500; two generators worth N60,000,  and musical instruments valued at N3 million.

 3. Akwa’

In an attack that took place on 2 August 2016, two persons were killed, 20 houses, including churches,  were burnt and the village was emptied of its owners.fb_img_1483013400401

 4. Golgofa

Nine people were killed and the entire town razed during an attack on  2 August 2016.

 5. Godogodo town

On  24 September 2016, Fulani militia mounted an attack on Godogodo town,  where thousands of people who  had already been forcibly displaced from surrounding communities were taking refuge. Seven people were killed.

 The next day, an attempt by the militia to re-enter the town was repelled by a combination of local vigilantes, police and the military.

 Then on 15 October, as affirmed by Jema’a Foundation, Miyetti Allah and Mobgal  Fulbe Development Association, a combination of armed  Fulani and local Hausa Muslim residents of Godogodo numbering over 300 laid siege to the town. The killings and arson continued into 16th   October  unchallenged. By the time it ended :

 A total of 30 people had been killed;

27,819 had been displaced;

326 were injured, and

326 homes were burnt.

The value of  property destroyed and looted runs into billions of Naira.

 Attacks on Kaninkon Chiefdom

On 25 October 2016, armed Fulani descended  on Misisi village, just as soldiers had called the youth and some of the elders for a meeting. The village head and seven others were killed, and 26 houses were burnt. During an attack on Pasakori, situated around 3km away from Misisi, two people were killed and 16 houses burnt.

Chawai Chiefdom

 On 13 November around 3pm, Fulani herdsmen laid siege to  Kigam, Kitakum, Unguwan Magaji , Unguwan Rimi and Kizipi, all in Chawai Chiefdom, of  Kauru LGA Leaving 35 people dead. 120 houses were looted before being destroyed. In Kigam, not a single home is spared, apart from the primary school. All 8 churches in these communities were razed.

Ungwan Rana and Gadani villages under Gwagwada district in Chikun Local government Area on December 14, 2016. 15 people were killed including women and children.

On the 17th of December 2016,  Tachira village a small community in Attakar Chiefdom was attacked by the Fulani herdsmen,  5 members of the same family were killed including a pregnant woman whose foetus was slaughtered.

On 24th of December 2016,  few hours after Governor Elrufai imposed a dust to dusk curfew in southern Kaduna,  the Fulani herdsmen attacked Goska community under Jama’a LGA killing 6 people including an SS2 daughter of the former chairman of the LG Barrister Morick.

Also NOTE below:
Rumada/ Fulani villages in Jemaa LGA are:
Jagindi Gari

There are Hausa Fulani Muslim Quarters in:
Gidan Waya

Total = eight (8) communities.
NOTE: None of these has been attacked and/or displaced in the past six months since the unabated terrorist attacks starting from the Ninte spark.

TWO:- In the same period, indigenous Christian communities attacked, burnt down and hundreds killed, thousands wounded, population sacked and are now IDPs and/or their farms and crops grazed on, ravaged, set on fire and occupied by Fulanis are:
Angwan Anjo
Farin Gada
Farin Hawa
Ungwan Maicibi
Ungwan Ali
Sabon Gari-Tafan
Manyi Kanju
Dogon Fili
Mile one
Tudun wada
Amere North
Total= twenty two (22) communities.

THREE:-No any terrorist Fulani and their mercenaries killed were while attacking our villages and farmlands.

FOUR:-The spark of Ninte crises was set off by Fulani youth who attacked and macheted an elderly indigene on his farm and left him at a point of death. This led to the reprisal by Ninte youth who revenged by attacking an elderly Fulani Ardo.

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