My attention has been drawn to a press statement purportedly written by one Hon. Manasseh Istifanus a self acclaimed Director of Media and Publicity, APC Kaduna State.

In his letter, he alleged that we didn’t consult the leadership of the party at the Zonal level before making our statement, we desire to know if there is any provision in the constitution of our dear party and that of the federal republic of Nigeria that striped people of their freedom of expression unless they seek for permission to expressed themselves? Intra party politics is an integral part of our borrowed Americans Democracy, only innocuous person like Manasseh Istifanus would expect everybody in a party to think the way he is thinking.

Salisu Wusono is the only person that can speak for APC, Kaduna State and others that the state leadership might dim fit. With the elevation of Dr Bege Katuka Ayuba the genuine Publicity Secretary of our party to Interim Management Committee Chairman of Jema’a Local Government, his Assistant, Mallam Salisu Wusono perfectly took over from him, Wusono over time is doing well, projecting and defending the interest of our dear party in the best way possible. We wondered who drafted the likes of Manasseh into our party to tarnish her hard earned reputation. The earlier his likes are filtered out of the party, the better for us. We can’t afford to have people like Manasseh Istifanus coming out to spew rubbish like a retired military war Veteran that is suffering from hangover occasioned by high volume of Burkutu he consumed while passing time the previous night in the village square. How can somebody wake up early in the morning to write such a thing? We wish to challenge Manasseh to make available his APC Membership card if he has one. We wonder when he defected to APC and coming to form landlord as if he is the alpha and omega of the party. May God repose the Soul of Senator Isaiah Balat his benefactor, if not for the demise of Balat, Manasseh wouldn’t have believed in this party. Manasseh is best fit to be describe as food is ready politician. Perpendicular persons in the state knows that the decision if allow to stand would destroy the gains we have made in confidence building after previous crisis, Wusono is aware of this fact that is why he didn’t jump into the ring to talk where it is not necessary.

We worked vigorously against all odd to ensure that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai secured majority of our votes during the keenly contested primaries, and did same to ensured that he won our Senatorial district in general elections, we expect a better treatment from him and those he appointed, we won’t fold our arms and allow the management of KASU set the electorate against the government we so loved and are proud of her achievement in just two years of her birth.

We will like to use this medium to further call on Mallam Nasir El-Rufai to look into the plight of students studying on those institutions to ensure that security is beef up in the area. Necessary measures should be put in place to get private developers and to build hostels within those institutions while government replicate the kind of Ahmed Makarfi strike force in those institutions to guarantee the absolute security of students studying in the region.

As stated in his bummed statement that the school would resume in no distant time, we wish to let him know that seeing is believing, the struggle has just started, we will sustain this struggle until what is rightly ours is restored back to us. If the management of KASU and the present Kaduna State government won’t add to our fortunes, they should not take away the little we have in our stock.

Thank you and God bless.

Hon Victor Asat
For Concerned Southern Kaduna APC Youths.

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