Fr Chris Damina

The biblical Judas had some little shame and integrity left a thing to be grasped because he was so remorseful that he rushed for the noose for suicide. This man here, the antitype of the Semitic Judas doesn’t have shame or an iota of integrity. You don’t deserve any prayer because you have sold your birthright. No body says you should throw a stone but you have in all ramifications failed your family and southern Kaduna people. From your mouth came those black lies: Elrufai “is fair to all” and that “he considers God in everything he does”.

You mean “God”or the “god” the two of you serve? Standing on mass graves and still condemning the dead and the bereaved is your definition of the fear of God? Justice is paying money to killers? Prayer will not work on you because you have betrayed your ancestors and incurred their wrath which will be visited on you now or later. This noise you are making here are as empty as you are, even Elrufai is laughing at your assertions about him because he knows he does not fit into those virtues so mentioned and wrongly ascribed to him.

Keeping quiet will not place a knife on your allowances neither will it deny your daily bread, consider it golden (silence) rather than opening your mouth because you had access to a good microphone. Long after you have gone, what will you be remembered for? CATCH YOUR BREATH AND ATUNE YOURSELF TO A BETTER RHYTHM

By Fr Chris Damina

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