Audu Maikori can change Southern Kaduna’s misfortunes- Upcoming Artists

Juboil is an upcoming Nigerian artiste based in Lagos. He is of Southern Kaduna extraction. In this interview with Elanza News’ Israel Bulus, he reiterated that, with the presence of Audu Maikori in the entertainment industry there is hope that their dreams will not die. He also spoke on the  challenges facing Southern Kaduna upcoming artistes. Excerpt:

How did you come about the name “Juboil”?

I came about the name Juboil through my native name  Bajju. So, I decided to use the short form ju and the Boil meaning the Ju guy is Boiling.

What are your real names?

My name is Nicodemus Yakubu, an indigene of Kaduna State.

You’re an upcoming artiste, what kind of music are you into?

I do hip-pop music.

What informed your decision to go into music?

I got inspired into music because I want to be a revolutionary using music. At first, I was listening to Idris Abdulkareem’s music. The way he talks about Nigeria, I became passionate about music. Another person that caught my attention was Audu Maikori. I first saw Audu Maikori on a TV reality show in which he was introduced as the Chief Executive Officer of Chocolate City and an indigene of Kaduna, bona fide son of Southern Kaduna, and the numerous awards he received both within Nigeria, Africa and beyond. I can say with the presence of Audu Maikori in the entertainment industry, I have a strong conviction that he can change the fortunes of the Southern Kaduna upcoming artiste. As an upcoming artiste, there are a lot of challenges we’re facing which I am testimony to. Our Southern Kaduna leaders most change their psyche. As youths, we must change our psyche too and the way and manner we relate with our leaders, we must be able to look to their faces and tell them the truth irrespective of their positions. We have highly esteemed youths with a lot of potentials from different walks of life in our region. These  youths need to be nurtured and given all sense of belonging. This is a clarion call to our Southern Kaduna leaders; we want them to exercise their political and professional offices to empower us, get us connected. We have people like, Dare Akau, Evelyn Shekarau, Barr Pius Akas, our Senator, Chief Dr Danjuma La’ah, Barr Sunday Katung, Honorable Sarkinnoma, just to mention but a few. With this crop of leaders from Southern Kaduna without government intervention, they can change the misfortunes of Southern Kaduna to something better. Anytime we approach them, showing them this is what we can do, they feel we just need money for breakfast. No, we want to rise to our expectations in life. Am calling on Barrister Audu Maikori to join other leaders from Southern Kaduna to come and do something unusual in Southern Kaduna. I decide to use him because of his presence in the Music scene and his contribution to the Nigerian music industry. I want to believe that we share the same passion, vision before his rise to his present position.

What message are you impacting to Nigerians?

The message am sending to Nigerians in my music is the way we live, especially on the issue of corruption. Am trying to speak about it and the dangers corruption poses to our country. I also came to know that some Nigerians don’t like the truth, they prefer if you do something rubbish, they go into it and am trying to bring back the attention of our leaders to the youths. If you look at the issue of Boko Haram and the way it is been politicized. So, we’re trying to speak about it, but some people look at us as if we don’t know what we’re saying. I made it a point of duty that I will do what is good for the people.

Are you satisfied with what you are doing?

Am not satisfied till I reach the apex of the ladder like Davido, Necto C, Patoranking, Godwon, Whizkid, before I can be satisfied.

What is your message to Southern Kaduna and Nigerians?

We should stop being corrupt and do things that are right. The issue of kidnapping, Boko Haram, all other forms of conflict should be avoided so that we can move forward together.

Are you working on any album now?

Yes, I have already finished my first album titled “success from suffering.” What informed that is how Nigerians are suffering before they succeed in life particularly the Southern Kaduna youth. I’m currently working on other tracks now.

What do you intend to achieve?

Just to promote the young ones that are coming up in one way or the other. If we must succeed as a people we must be ready to help others and sponsor their dreams. Only through that our challenges will reduce drastically.

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