We welcome you very warmly to Kaduna State. We want to affirm to you that Kaduna State remains one OF best states to invest your money if the right investing climate for a sustainable business environment in which, peace, justice and security is right.

We want to appeal to your conscience, as members of a  civilise human family, to also look into the plight of Kaduna State masses today over considerations for profit and sundry benefits.

It is out of these concerns that we are pleading on you to please help intervene on behalf of the teeemong people of the  state in the following:

  • That Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State should Put in sincere and genuine commitment to ending the genocide perpetrated against Southern Kaduna communities since last year.
  • We plead that the governor should stop forthwith, his self-confessed payments of ‘compensation’ to killer herdsmen involved in the mass murder in Southern Kaduna natives and the plunder of the assets. He said he has traced some of them to some African countries after identifying them and paid them stop the carnage instead of seeking to bringing them to justice.
  • That the governor should, as a matter of urgency, buy food for hundreds of thousands of survivors of the terror unleashed on Southern Kaduna by Fulani militia. They are dying of starvation in hundreds of homes hosting them. They host are finding it impossible to feed themselves, talk less of scores of unexpected battered hosts.
  • Again, it should be prevailed on the governor to rethink about his unabashed public stance against not only the leaders, and elders of Southern Kaduna, but his bellicose stand against every real or perceive person who speaks against his often controversial and anti-people policies.
  • Again, we are notifying  the investing community that el-Rufai has publicly affirmed that under his watched, 347 members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) were murdered by Nigeria Army between December 12-14th 2015 in Zaria and buried  in a mass grave in Kaduna. The IMN, also known as Shiite of Nigeria, claimed that the actual number of their armless members murdered were at least a thousand.
  • Ibrahim Zakzaky, the leader of the IMN and his wife, who were fatally wounded in the siege have been refused freedom and justice despite several Courts rulings in their favour.
  • Today, there are 220 shiites in Kaduna prisons still awaiting trial. The alleged crime of the IMN was that the blocked a public road while the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Yusuf Buratai, was passing.
  • Please counsel governor el-Rufai to respect our traditional institutions and our traditional rulers from Southern Kaduna. He has not only been treating them shabbily to terrorise then and spite their subjects, he has started arresting and jailing them over trump up charges to appease his Fulani kinsmen.
  • The Chief of Kurama, in Lere Local government Area, Dr. Ishyaku Damina has been arrested and clamped in jail over an alleged missing of a Fulani criminal terrorising his Chiefdom. He has been in prison, like a common criminal for two weeks now. Even after fulfilling his bail condition, he has been refused freedom. This is causing serious tension in his chiefdom. We call for his immediate release.
  • Furthermore, the governor should stop expropriating communal lands and allocating them to private firms for the sole aim of making profit over them without the consent of the owners or any compensation paid them. We don’t think that such unjust practice is the best security for the investor.
  • We also want to appeal to you to speak to the governor to allow and guarantee freedom of speech and expression under which he used  to speak his way to power. His clampdown on Journalists, vocal academies and brazen threats to some lawyers amounts to pure dictatorship never experienced in Kaduna state even under the military.
  • At the moment, el-Rufai is not in good terms with the State civil service; he is squabbling with thousands of business owners who have had their business premises demolished or stopped; he is fighting Christian and some Muslim clerics. Even beggars and hawkers have issues with him. His is not known to enjoy any good relationship with Kaduna State members of the National Assembly etc etc.
  • Finally, we would want to assure that we are very eager to see Kaduna State attain the status of Dubai and other investment destinations. But, business cannot thieve under an atmosphere of such threats, fear, insecurity, injustice and uncertainty.


We hope you have a wonderful stay in Kaduna State.

Thank you and God Bless.

Sign: Azaman Yashim David Azaman

Coordinator, Coalition for Genuine Peace in Kaduna State.

5th April, 2017.



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