We woke up to yet another abracadabra policy in kaduna! I hear government is asking residents of Kaduna state to go and register at some centers for residency! The reason given is that some welfare is planned to be dished out to residents of the state . And the card will prevent people who do not reside in the state from benefiting from the largesse! So laughable.

First of all, this same government had earlier banned indigeneship in the state, stating national patriotism as the reason without considering that other states are not interested in such mirage policies. Meaning that indigenes of kaduna will be short changed as they cannot go to some states to claim indigenous rights while other state indigenes can do so in kaduna.

Secondly, international relations show clearly that only countries offer such residency cards. While the US calls it the Green Card, other countries especially in Europe and Canada call it residency or residence permit! It is therefore unwholesome for a state to give such permits, especially in a country like Nigeria!

Thirdly, such a programme must be a state assembly debated law! To the best of my knowledge no such law has been passed by the kaduna state assembly!

Fourthly, what becomes of the indigeneship form that has been in existence since we were little boys in kaduna. My form was completed by my father when kaduna was only Kaduna Local Government, no North or South!

Fifthly, what happens to those Bona fide sons and daughters who are not resident in kaduna but who have their indigeneship forms ? Kaduna as we all know it now is the abode of all and sundry! Even people from chad and Niger claim kaduna state as their state of origin. And pray, what welfare are we talking about in the first place? Why are we not told the source and size of the funds ? I suspect a hidden agenda!!!

Lastly, this is yet another drain pipe like the school feeding programme that gulped 10b (yes, 10b Naira) in 8months!

Please spare us another calamity!

Vincent Bodam

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