An Open Letter to the Vice President of the Federal Rebublic of Nigeria; Namadi Sambo

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014


By Vincent Bodam


Although you are the Vice President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, we are still grappling with the fact that you actually come from Kaduna State where curiously you were the governor for three years between 2007 and 2010. As the number 2 man in the hierarchy of authority in the land, we find your attitude towards the state you come from unbelievably insensitive!

Since 2011 after the general elections, a section of the state where you originated from has known no peace. Every week, marauders come in the dead of the night to kill, burn, shoot and slaughter hapless and innocent citizens of the Southern part of the state. Scores of men, women and children including infants have been killed, burnt or displaced in the zone in the most brutal manner forcing us to believe a genocide is in the offing . These attacks have been sustained, persistent and consistent using extremely sophisticated weapons and explosives of mass annihilation. Apparently, these attacks are well coordinated by trained killers. Thousands have lost their lives and property in the mayhem. From one village to the other the killings continue unabated! The security agencies seem overwhelmed or are pretending to be subdued. A season of anomy and anarchy is looming as the people continue to feel threatened in the zone.

We are not unaware of the recent bogus and laughable peace treaty signed by the respectable pressure group of our zone, The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU )! The so called peace treaty was orchestrated from Abuja to make us look silly as the signatories on the part of the attackers were either not in communication with the murderers or were just puppets. 98% of the Southern Kaduna people were not fooled as we all condemned the treaty act as a charade and a farce. We have been proved right by the recent killings in Rikawan in Zangon Kataf LG and Fadan Karshi in Sanga LG where cumulatively, 50 persons lost their lives!

Mr Vice President sir, we find it totally contradictory that as the number 2 man and a Kaduna State indigene, you have failed to visit any of the attacked points, nor have you organized any serious security apparatus involving the locals to curb this menace. As the nearest on authority to the president, in what way (s) have you intimated or pressurized the C-in-C to take concrete steps to stop the killings, arrest the culprits or sedate the pain of the poor masses under attack. Instead, we watch as the Government of Kaduna state with your full knowledge is in constant denial of the massacre going on in the area. We find this disgusting, irresponsible and hatred for our people! We view this as a blatant attempt to wipe out a people from their ancestral lands.

We therefore demand the following;

  1. That those that signed that funny peace treaty be invited to explain why the so called cease fire was broken.
    2. That you must use your exalted office to find the murderers and bring them to book.
    3. That a lasting peace machinery be put in motion soonest to protect the lives and property of innocent , law abiding citizens of Southern Kaduna.
    4. That our communities be allowed to form vigilante corps in all the Local Governments of the zone .

We view your strange silence on the maniacal killings in Southern Kaduna with disdain sir. We also think that your inaction is because you do not come from the zone under attack albeit your state if origin is Kaduna. We therefore call on you to take steps necessary to allay our fears of rejection, ejection and dejection.

Thank you very much.

Long live Kaduna State!

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